NBCUniversal Hackathon - Orlando
The Philips hue team are currently attending the NBCUniversal Hackathon in Orlando Florida, check out some pictures of the event
Delete Devices - Coming soon!
We are pleased to announce that towards the end of March 2015 the hue bridge will introduce functionality to delete devices (lights and sensors). This could potentially have an impact on 3rd party apps, so if you have developed a hue app then it is advised to Read More.
IMPORTANT - Changes to Bridge JSON
Towards the end of March 2015 we will be releasing bridge firmware 1.7. As from this version, the 'sensor state' buttonevent attribute can now be null. This may potentially have an impact on 3rd party hue apps so we would recommend all 3rd party hue developers to check out the null attributes in JSON page for more info.
Philips PSV Hue Hackathon
On Saturday the 31st January and Sunday 1st February 2015 the Philips hue team were present at the PSV hue hackathon, Eindhoven. We witnessed some fantastic presentations from developers, a lot of enthusiasm for hue and a 2-1 win for PSV. Check out the Philips newscenter page (in Dutch) for more info or the hue Hackathon Facebook page for photos of the event.
New developers forum!
Our new forum (beta) is live! This is the official Philips hue developer forum for you to raise your questions about developing for hue, discuss, and get support from Philips and your peers. If you find any problems with the forum please notify us using the Contact us form.
New API 1.4 Documentation
We have added new hue API documentation to include all the bridge 1.4 functionality. This is mostly concerning multisource luminaires and software update. For a full list of API changes see the changelog (login required).
HueCraft Mod
Minecraft lovers! I know you are out there. Watch your hue lights change as they react to your Minecraft environment with HueCraft Mod 1.7.10. Take a look at the hueCraft demonstration video to see how it works!
How to program IP Sensors and making a hue Tap toggle button
More info on how to program the Philips hue System. Check out How to Use IP Sensors by programming with the hue rules engine. Also there is now how to create a hue tap toggle button 
More Apps in the hue app improved
We have updated the more apps pages in the official Philips hue app to be more flexible and show the apps more effectively. You can view the latest iOS page and the Android page outside of the hue app too.  If you would like to enquire about featuring your own hue app on those pages, use the Contact us form
Dutch Open Hackathon
On September 20-21 the Philips hue team attended the Dutch Open Hackathon, Amsterdam - with a bunch of our hue developer kits! Many original apps that use hue were created in just 2 days. We were impressed! See photos
New website live




Check out this video, giving a taste of the atmosphere of some of the hackathons that Philips hue attended in London and Berlin in 2013...