Java 1.8.1 SDK Released
We have just released the Java 1.8.1 SDK. It is now no longer permitted to create your own custom whitelist usernames in the Java SDK. For a full explanation see the file in the Java SDK github repository.
iOS OSX 1.8 SDK Released
We have just released the Apple 1.8 SDK which includes many improvements and some important bug fixes. For a full list of changes see the file in the iOS OS X SDK github repository.
Important - Whitelist Username changes
Please be aware that in the coming months the 'optional' ability to create usernames will be removed from the bridge. This means you will have to use the randomly generated username created by the bridge. If you have a Hue application that creates a custom username it is advised to update it in the next few months. Please check either the Getting Started or the Configuration API (7.1 Create User) for the recommended approach. The SDKs will also change in the coming weeks!
G+ #DesignHangout
On the 2nd July we had a G+ #DesignHangout with Rob Polman (application design engineer) and Niek Pulles (mobile application designer) from the Hue team. Both Rob and Niek were talking about their roles at Philips and views on the general application design trends. Check out the G+ Event Page.
Java 1.8 SDK Released
We have just released the Java 1.8 SDK which includes all the 1.7 API changes (such as Delete Lights, Clip Increment). For a full list of changes see the file in the Java SDK github repository.
Hue Labs – Live!
Hue Labs is an online platform, where new features for the Hue system are tested. There are many ideas on how to improve the Hue system and we would like to evaluate these ideas with our fans....  Check out Hue labs!
Philips Hue meets Apple HomeKit
Starting this fall we will take your lighting experience to the next level and unlock new features for your existing Hue lights. Stay tuned to learn how we will support you with any necessary upgrade to your system. More details will follow from September 2015 onwards. Read More . . . 
New - Icon Pack!
We are pleased to announce we now have an Icon Pack of Hue Bulbs which you can download and use in your Hue applications. All graphics are in vector graphics format (SVG) so they can easily be re-scaled to fit your needs. Download the Icon Pack from this page (login required)! 
The Hue team is recruiting!
There are several vacancies in the Hue team. For more information go to this page.
NHL goal celebration hack
An impressive piece of work from a Hue developer. An epic NHL goal celebration hack with hue lights. Watch the YouTube video and a blog describing how it was done.
Google +
We are now on Google+! You can join the Philips Hue Developer community here




Check out this video, giving a taste of the atmosphere of some of the hackathons that Philips hue attended in London and Berlin in 2013...