New ZLL and CLIP Temperature Sensors!

We have updated ZLL and CLIP Temprature Sensors info.  Check it out in Sensor page:

New Icon Packs!
We have updated the icon pack withe icon for rooms, luminaires and sensors, like they are used in the new Philips Hue app.

New Philips Hue app is out!

IT’S OUT! Meet the new Philips Hue gen 2 app. Designed around you, your home and your everyday life. See what's new on Look out for it on the app stores for iOS and Android.
Java 1.11 SDK Released
We have just released the Java 1.11 SDK which includes many changes to scenes, minor changes in groups (for new room type) and added ability to make HTTP requests directly. See the file in the GitHub project page for more info.
Friends of Hue - 2nd Update
Philips has issued a new statement regarding the Friends of Hue program. For more information please see our Friends of Hue Update page.
Bridge API 1.11 Documentation released
We have just released the Bridge API 1.11 Documentation. The biggest changes were made to the Scenes API, these are now persistent on the bridge. For more detailed information about the changes see the Changelog. (Login Required)
Java 1.10 SDK Released
We have just released the Java 1.10 SDK which includes all 1.9 and 1.10 API features. For a list of all implemented features see the file in the Java SDK github repository.
v1.11beta IOS SDK Released
Today (4th Nov 2015) we have released v1.11beta iOS SDK. See the file for full details.

IMPORTANT: Note that this new IOS SDK contains the important change to the bridge whitelist username creation so it now uses the randomly generated bridge username. If you have developed an app using the iOS SDK it is imperative that you update your iOS SDK to this version. Apps using older iOS SDKs will start failing around February 2016.

Point Symbols - Removal
We will be removing Point Symbols from the Hue bridge in the near future. For more information please check out the point symbols removal page. (Login Required)
New Hue Bridge (HomeKit Support)!
We are pleased to inform you that on the 6th October 2015 we released a new Hue Bridge with support for Apple HomeKit. This will offer developers exciting new possibilities whilst developing for Hue. See the Bridge 2 page (Login Required) for more information and the impact it may have on your Hue application.
Hue Dimmer Switch Programming
Our new Hue Dimmer Switch is out. Check out the new Hue Dimmer Switch Programming  guide for tips on how to program it (Login Required).
Bridge Discovery Changes
Please be aware that in the upcoming bridge release there are minor changes to the bridge M-SEARCH response. This may potentially cause issues if you have implemented your own UPnP search, depending on your parser implementation. Check the Changes to Bridge Discovery page for more details.
Important - Whitelist Username changes
Please be aware that in the coming months the 'optional' ability to create usernames will be removed from the bridge. If you have a Hue application that creates a custom username it is advised to update it in the next few months. Please check the Hue Bridge WhiteList Changes page for more details!




Check out this video, giving a taste of the atmosphere of some of the hackathons that Philips hue attended in London and Berlin in 2013...