Dutch Open Hackathon
We are pleased to announce that on September 20-21 we will be attending the Dutch Open Hackathon, Amsterdam. Come along, learn to work with open data from several large companies, and develop a hue app. Prizes to be won...  Read More
New website live
We are pleased to release our new hue Developers Meethue website. More resources, up-to-date documentation, interviews with developers and much more.  Create an account for access to the full API documentation and to join our exciting community.
New Java and iOS SDK
We are also pleased to release our new Java and iOS SDKs. These are now fully compaible with 1.3.0 Bridges, meaning support for Rules, Sensors and of course hue Tap. Also introduced in this version is Feature Based Parsing (controls which hue commands can be sent to which bridge version) and many other bug fixes and improvements.
Hue Lux responds differently in the hue API
With hue Lux, Philips introduce lamps and hue systems which can only be controlled by brightness and not by color or color temperature Consequences for apps: A bridge may contain no lights supporting color or color temperature. Applications focusing on the use of color...  Read More
Hue tap programming
Tap Buttons are programmed via Rules, using the new Rule Engine.   This is a bridge feature.If you found/commissioned your hue tap via the Android App, you will notice that the App creates 4 default Rules for the tap in the bridge...  Read More
New Android App - NFC hue
Using NFC tags, you can change the state of your bulbs or assign the NFC tags to specific bulbs...  Read More




Check out this video, giving a taste of the atmosphere of some of the hackathons that Philips hue attended in London and Berlin in 2013...